A MINUTE WITH V: But Really a Minute with YOU!

Life presents problems for us both big and small daily, so taking a few minutes a day to yourself can be refreshing to the mind, body, and soul.

“A Minute with V” is a 30-Day Devotional for a productive and successful life that offers not necessarily solutions to these problems, but rather:

• Alternatives to what you typically do or think when you experience daily challenges.
• Next steps after your motivation and will to succeed or continue to succeed kicks in.

Use “A Minute with V” as a life resource. This book will do for you whatever you want it to do. You are in charge of your future. Do not put the outcome of your life in anyone’s hands, but your own and God’s of course. Nothing is possible without his daily guidance and a few templates. … ORDER ON AMAZONA MINUTE WITH V: But Really a Minute with YOU!